Trends that I Couldn’t Urgh!

The moment when I thought nothing can be worse than fast fashion, I've discovered many wasteful trends online. Especially in the era of social influencers, we kind of pick up trends and recommendations promoted online. I hope more people are aware or realised that some of these trends are unnecessary. Here are a few that … Continue reading Trends that I Couldn’t Urgh!


Surprisingly Easy (& Free!) Way to Be Happier – A Minimalist Life

I've done it. You've heard it. "All we need is the retail therapy." I used to do that alot! Or eat lots of good food. But, you need no stuff to be happier. Besides the good ol' exercise and take-a-nap trick, here are my top 5 things I do to de-stress and feel better again. … Continue reading Surprisingly Easy (& Free!) Way to Be Happier – A Minimalist Life

Which minimalist are you?

Hey, I'm curious which minimalist are you?   We know that there is no ONE type of minimalist because though each aimed to live with less stuff, we all have different motivations that bring us through this extraordinary journey. Here are some of the amazing types of minimalist that I've come across:   1) Sustainable … Continue reading Which minimalist are you?

My Fave Cruelty-Free Makeup 2018 (Part 2)

This is the second part of my previous post on my favourite cruelty-free makeup items. I don't own many makeup products so I do my very best to replace all of it to cruelty-free. There are many cruelty-free makeup at really affordable prices in the beauty world but unfortunately not many are brought into Malaysia. But … Continue reading My Fave Cruelty-Free Makeup 2018 (Part 2)

♥ How to really Self-Love? ♥

What is self-love?   The definition I have found is - Be kind to yourself, appreciate your uniqueness, accept your imperfection, have a positive image of yourself...basically is to look inside and put your happiness and well-being a priority in life. I guess in such a demanding society that we are living in now, no … Continue reading ♥ How to really Self-Love? ♥

My Fave Cruelty-Free Makeup 2018 (Part 1)

"Cruelty-free" It caught my attention. It was on the cover of a magazine. Then when I look around, I saw the same word on another magazine. Ok, two magazines decided to talk about this topic at the same time? Is this a "trendy" thing now or has people starting to realise the importance of using cruelty-free products? … Continue reading My Fave Cruelty-Free Makeup 2018 (Part 1)

Zero Waste: 2018 Resolution

I've been learning about zero-waste since last year. When I knew about the contribution and impact it may bring to our world, I was inspired to go into that lifestyle. But I didn't. I hesitated. Not because I thought it is futile, but because I thought I was not capable to commit to this kind of … Continue reading Zero Waste: 2018 Resolution

Creating a Tropical Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word and it generally means coziness, stress-free, calming, happy, pleasures in simple things in life. It has been a trendy lifestyle a few years back but the core meaning is still relevant and important as today. Well, most of the time hygge means getting all warm and fuzzy during a cold … Continue reading Creating a Tropical Hygge