I grieve two lives in two months

Mother 21st August 2021 – I received a video call from my brother. “Quick, say what you wanna say now.” There she was, motionless. I hear and see wailing all around. What can I do but break down? Cancer took her. I foresee this because the doctor estimated weeks or days left. But it hits […]


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How to beat lockdown fatigue

Sick and tired. It has been one year, four months and 29 days since the lockdown. And it did not look like it’s going to be over soon. If you too, have been trying to stay afloat in this bizarre season in life, you can identify that lockdown fatigue is very real. I thought I […]

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Why less is now.

A new kind of consumerism has taking it by storm – Online shopping. It is not new but it is definitely “THE” thing now amid the pandemic. First of all buying things is not the issue. Unintentionally buying is the problem. In The Minimalist’s new documentary “Less is Now” (released on Nexflix this year), the […]

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Lockdown Diary: Netflix to Inspire

Year 2020 and 2021 might become synonymous with face mask, sanitizer, quarantine and…Nextflix. It’s an easy, convenient way to unwind after a work-from-home day during this pandemic lockdown. So many shows to choose from! I want to recommend the following 12 shows (two categories – documentary and movie/series) if you are looking to catch some […]

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A minimalist in time of crisis

I would never have thought this day will come. I went into the supermarket one day before the government announces the Movement Control Order (MCO) for two weeks due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. You know, just getting my usual groceries, ignoring the masses panic buying. Then I saw it – empty shelves! No vegetables, […]

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Minimalist, I wish you told me.

It has been three years since I embraced minimalism in my life. Quite a ride! From trying out multiple blog posts to creating my own recipes, for the past three years, I’ve learned so so much about it. And about myself. Here are lessons I’ve learnt that I wish I knew earlier. 1) It doesn’t […]

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