A minimalist in time of crisis

I would never have thought this day will come. I went into the supermarket one day before the government announces the Movement Control Order (MCO) for two weeks due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. You know, just getting my usual groceries, ignoring the masses panic buying. Then I saw it – empty shelves! No vegetables, […]


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Minimalist, I wish you told me.

It has been three years since I embraced minimalism in my life. Quite a ride! From trying out multiple blog posts to creating my own recipes, for the past three years, I’ve learned so so much about it. And about myself. Here are lessons I’ve learnt that I wish I knew earlier. 1) It doesn’t […]

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Creating a Tropical Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word and it generally means coziness, stress-free, calming, happy, pleasures in simple things in life. It has been a trendy lifestyle a few years back but the core meaning is still relevant and important as today. Well, most of the time hygge means getting all warm and fuzzy during a cold […]

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Keeping minimalism on track

Minimalism or the idea of living intentionally has changed my life since about a year ago. This journey has been enlightening, freeing and fulfilling, Most of the time, the biggest change happened at the beginning of the journey, when I stop purchasing things I don’t need, decluttering my space, finding more time for myself and […]

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6 Things I Did as a Novice Minimalist

      I was a self-acclaimed shopaholic and I called “shopping” (or buying) my hobby. Thank goodness I knew my problem before I found minimalism as an answer. I knew I wasn’t living intentionally, sustainably, or frugal. I knew my spending habit was impacting not only my wallet but more importantly my environment and people. […]

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