Lockdown Diary: Netflix to Inspire

Nextfix & chill?

Year 2020 and 2021 might become synonymous with face mask, sanitizer, quarantine and…Nextflix. It’s an easy, convenient way to unwind after a work-from-home day during this pandemic lockdown.

So many shows to choose from! I want to recommend the following 12 shows (two categories – documentary and movie/series) if you are looking to catch some on Netflix that are not only entertaining, but enlightening as well.

Category: Documentary

1. Minimalism – A documentary about the important things

Two friends travelled across states and met different people to discover what it mean to live with less in order to redeem their lives. Their famous tagline is “Love people, use things…because the opposite never works.”

2. Kiss the Ground

Narrated by American actor Woody Harrelson, this documentary share a revolutionary idea, a growing movement to bring dead land back to life through regenerative agriculture. Is the solution to climate change is just below our feet?

3. David Attenborough – A life on our planet

If you want to know how the world has changed, nothing is better than seeing it through the eyes (and lifetime experiences) of the legendary wildlife advocate and natural historian, Sir David Attenborough. It inspires me to reflect on our human responsibility as the steward of the earth. Though the truth is disheartening but the documentary still inspires hope and that’s what we all need now, right?

4. My Octopus Teacher

This documented a year journey of film maker Craig Foster who make acquaintance with a octopus during his dive and visited the octopus everyday since then. It’s an eye-opening doc to learn about octopus in a quite emotional way. This documentary teaches about the fragility of life and life lessons we can learn from nature – even from the unlikely octopus.

5. Greatest Events of WWII in Colour

Great history lessons in vivid narration.

6. Becoming

What is life about for former first lady, Michelle Obama. It’s a truly inspiring and empowering documentary.

Category: Movie / Series

1. The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

If you have not read the book, this is a good movie to learn about the courage of a 13 year-old boy, who despite being out of school, went through all odds and disapproval from family and his community – to save his village from famine. This is one of the great examples of the cliche but true saying that “one can change the world”.

2. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

This movie is based on the true story of the friendship between Fred Rogers a.k.a. Mr Rogers (portray by Tom Hanks) and a troubled journalist Lloyd Vogel. This movie speaks of kindness and wisdom can go distance. A very heartwarming show.

3. Penguin Bloom

This movie is also based on a true story of a woman who was wheelchair-bound after an accident and found strength to overcome her tragedy through caring for a injured bird named Penguin. It shows so much dimension of a family that goes through this life crisis – struggle with personal identity, relationship between mother and child, etc. A very emotional movie but offers hope and triumph over tragedy – such a powerful story.

4. The American Barbeque Showdown

If you like food and barbecue, this is a educational and entertaining BBQ competition.

5. Away

A series about a group of international astronauts trying to reach Mars and all the challenges they faced in the journey. An interesting series if you are always curious about space travel.

6. The Alienist

For a crime-investigation junkie like me, you will probably enjoy this series. It pictured how mental sickness was depicted in the late 19th century New York and the role of “alienist” (psychologist) acted by Daniel Brühl.

I would love to hear what’s your current favourite Nextflix show, please comment below!

Stay safe everyone! Be vigilant, practice good hygiene and social distancing. And we shall go through, survive, and overcome this pandemic!

– Love, Rachel (2021)

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