6 Things you can do to be healthier this year!

Happy New Year!!! We have arrived in 2019! One of the many resolutions we made is to be healthier. It is so vital but sometimes it tough. Well, anything worthy is always not easy. So, make this year your best year yet with this 6 things you can do – tested and work for me! […]


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Speak Life Project (2019)

You are amazing. You’re going to accomplish many amazing things this year🏆 I am on a personal project I named #speaklifeproject this year because I believe that death and life are in the power of the tongue (Pr18:21). It’s not only healthy but vital to speak LIFE into your life and others around you. Throw guilt, complaint, […]

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Trends that I Couldn’t Urgh!

The moment when I thought nothing can be worse than fast fashion, I’ve discovered many wasteful trends online. Especially in the era of social influencers, we kind of pick up trends and recommendations promoted online. I hope more people are aware or realised that some of these trends are unnecessary. Here are a few that […]

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Which minimalist are you?

Hey, I’m curious which minimalist are you?   We know that there is no ONE type of minimalist because though each aimed to live with less stuff, we all have different motivations that bring us through this extraordinary journey. Here are some of the amazing types of minimalist that I’ve come across:   1) Sustainable […]

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Accept Your Fear

It’s okay to feel fear.   There’s no way around that, it’s inevitable as a human being because it’s embedded inside us to keep us alive. Fear of height keeps us away from dangerous cliff and fear keep us from getting too close to a tiger. But today we face too many self-made fear that […]

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