5 Tips on How to Shop like a Minimalist

Embracing minimalism in my life had changed many of my perspectives in life, including fashion style. I was a shopaholic before I knew shopping unintentionally can cause a pretty big mess to the earth. Read my story here, if you’re curious about it! So over the years, after encountering minimalism, I’ve learnt to be a wiser shopper and this is my 5 tips or rules whenever I go shop for any clothing items. And oh, 1 extra tip at the end, that I would like to challenge myself;)

1 – Ask myself: Would I get the most out of it?

Sometimes I see nice and pretty things at the shop. I pick it up and it really suit me. What a supportive girlfriend will say to you? “Get it! It looks so good on you!” That get’s me almost every time…well, in the past. But not now. Even though the blouse or dress look really nice on me, and I really like it, I will ask myself “Would I get the most out of it?” The reality is there are many items that looks good on you but if you can only wear it once in a while, or only on special occasions, then it’s not a very wise investment. Like this trench coat that I borrowed from my sister. Very beautiful piece but not so practical in Malaysia!

Wore a trench coat in Rome last year October. I definitely cannot flaunt this in my tropical Malaysia!

To keep your closet away from clutter, ask yourself this question whenever you shop! It work out fine for me, because I eventually forget about that pretty summer dress that looks so good on me 😉

2 – Shop according to my style

People change, lifestyle change, so does my style. My wardrobe used to have tons of graphic tees and skater skirt. But now I’ve come to the age and lifestyle that this style doesn’t fit me anymore. So I revamped my wardrobe. This time, I was consciously curating my wardrobe according to a style that I like and wear the most.

How do I do that? Find some time to reflect, look at your wardrobe, ask what is your current need and lifestyle, browse Pinterest, find one or two styles that you really like and feel confident in – then go shop with a list. Having a certain style in mind, and better with a list of items, can really help to prevent over-spending or bringing unnecessary stuff into your life.

Change of style – Left: what I would wear 5 years ago & Right: what I would wear now. (Source Pinterest: shaks https://www.pinterest.com/pin/379006124863666664/ & Just The Design https://www.pinterest.com/pin/379006124874247323/)

Remember, it doesn’t need to be classic or monochrome (like the trend is these days), it can be colourful, bohemian, prints, etc. You rock you!

3 – Choose versatile

This is a very good rule for a minimalist or anyone who wants to be a smart consumer. Choosing something that is versatile can expand your wardrobe greatly with only few items. A high red platform shoes can be pretty, but it is not versatile. Choose items that you can think of several ways to style them. If this particular blouse can be worn only with this particular pants, then, they are not versatile.

4 – Buy what you really like, not SALE

Be careful not to fall into the trap of SALE, SALE, SALE! Studies has found the psychological effect of sales on our shopping behaviour. Be smarter, don’t buy the item because it is on sale. Buy it only if you like it, it fits you well (say goodbye to ill-fitting shirt), if you need it now, and if it worth every penny you spend on it.

5 – Quality over quantity

And that comes to the rule of quality over quantity. This is a simple, repeated, momma’s old advise…and easy to apply! Fast fashion was a revolution in the fashion world. Everyone can afford to wear what we see on the runway. But this also means clothes with poorer quality, shorter lifespan. Always go for quality over quantity. It probably means more expensive, but it will last longer, looks nicer on you and buying something with a higher pricetag can make us appreciate and take better care on our stuff.

Extra tip – Buy second hand

This is a good practice that I have not ventured into yet. Buying second hand can greatly reduce the amount of clothes being thrown to the landfills. Plus, save us some money. My living area doesn’t have many second hand shops, probably not a culture here. But this is the next challenge that I would like to try out.

If you did shop second-hand, let me know your experience, tips or advice, at the comment section. I would love to learn more about it!

♥   ♥   ♥

So, that’s my tips on how to shop like a minimalist. All the points above are based on my own experiences and things that I’ve learnt. Minimalism is definitely a journey, not a destination. Hoping and praying for a better version of myself every day.

Goodluck on your personal journey too!


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