Nailed it! Decluttering my nail polish collection

Hey hey hey…it has been a long time since I last declutter my stuff so last week I did one! I am a fan of nail polish since I was like 14 maybe? That’s the advantage of having an elder sister to introduce you to the big girl’s toys (put that lipstick on me please).


Here’s how it looks like before I declutter (excluding nail buffer and nail stickers):

Ring of coloured liquids


I have one base/top coat, one clear glitter, dark shades, and pastel shades. I change nail colour almost twice a month! Yes, that much. Do they have a special title for people who are obsessed with nail polish? Do tell me if you know.


So, I began with checking each bottle for their quality. And the quality I am talking about here is are they still “applicable” (pun not intended). Basically, if they are too thick to apply (like the photo below), you would not have a neat and beautiful outcome on your nails. They look blotchy or uneven and they are really hard to dry. Even if they dry, you easily get textures on them if you press on it with your fingers or any objects. I used to wake up in the morning and found my nails looking hideous, with lines and fingerprints, because it was ruined while I was on my bed.


It ain’t dripping! I love this ‘red blood’ nail polish but it has to go. Sob sob sob.


If they are new or has not thickened (like the grey polish below), I’ll put it at one corner first. So now I have two piles: one for the ‘new’ polishes, one for the ‘thickened’ polishes. Next, check if I can save the dried (almost) nail polishes. You can actually save them by diluting it with nail polish thinner (you can find that in stores) or with nail polish remover. In my case, I do not have them, so I decided to dispose them.


On the other hand, if there are any new nail polishes that I think I will not wear it again, I’ll dispose them too. I was being really strict on myself – some were hard to part with.


Finally, I left with some of my current fav:

I guess I love pastel. That blue is love!



I’ve kept some of my fav nail stickers too. It’s so cute and versatile. Just put it on and transform your entire nail look. I have another tip for you that I learn from the nail parlour – do not shake your bottle of nail polish before use! Gently roll the bottle between your two palms instead. This technique can extend your nail polish life.



That’s it. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. And good luck in whatever you are minimizing. Hope you nailed it!


♥   ♥   ♥


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