Periodic Wardrobe Decluttering

Last holiday when I was back at my parent’s place, my mom handed me a cute white dress. Though I do not need another dress, my mom insists that I keep it because it looks good on me. I felt bad to say no, so I took the dress and thought that I will wear it very soon. Cut the long story short, after more than six months, I have not worn it even once.




As season changes in many places across the world, Malaysia is still having the same sun & rain weather all year round. Therefore, I could just wear the same sets of clothes over and over again, while some clothes remain untouched at the back of the cupboard. I decided to make (intentionally) a periodic wardrobe decluttering to keep track of my clothing items, making sure I use every single clothing I own and giving up those that are no longer useful (it’s just plain old or it’s no longer suit my age). It can be twice a year or more, depending on your lifestyle. No definite rules.


This month, during my wardrobe decluttering session, I found some old (and memorable) clothes. I took out the Architecture Society shirt I’d owned since my undergrad years and wore it to the office. It was awesome!


I’ve also bid goodbye to this cute white dress and a couple of cardigans, which I gave to another friend.


♥  ♥  ♥


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