Minimalist, I wish you told me.


It has been three years since I embraced minimalism in my life. Quite a ride! From trying out multiple blog posts to creating my own recipes, for the past three years, I’ve learned so so much about it. And about myself. Here are lessons I’ve learnt that I wish I knew earlier.

1) It doesn’t matter how little stuff you own if you don’t know why you do it.

Minimalism is not a trend or a trendy lifestyle. It may be a temporary solution to some of our emotional or psychological crisis but it should not be a one-time thing. Decluttering for a day, or a couple of weeks to bring “peace and relief” into your life is not minimalism, that’s spring cleaning. This is because minimalism is not only about decluttering or throwing out most of your stuff, it’s also about refuse to bring in unnecessary stuff into your life, keeping life simple, and reject materialism mindset. I think it is tougher to keep stuff from entering our lives than throwing out stuff from our lives.

2) It’s okay to not own ONLY 30 pairs of clothing in your life.

The number of clothing or stuff should not be your aim in your minimalist journey. I mean at the initial stage, this step might help you to start. However, you don’t have to conform to any kind of “minimalism template” because you are unique, and so does your need!

As years gone by, and now that I have a different role in life, I tend to buy more stuff. In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable, I felt guilty. Sometimes I feel I couldn’t justify myself bringing in more stuff into my home and life. It’s okay. It’s okay to buy something you need or prefer. My style of clothing change, so I bought some new ones. I need more working pants and blazers perhaps. It’s okay. But, quality over quantity is still my mantra. Go check out my older post on this.


3) If you are not happy, STOP.

One of the aims or the core of minimalism is that you can lead a happier life. So if you are not happy in your journey, you got to stop! Stop and think why. Minimalism gave me a choice, free-will, and it has enlightened me. Though it requires lots of discipline (denying instant gratification!), it should not make you suffer or miserable. It should not make you feel suppressed from your happiness.

To be real, I have these moments. So I stop. I stop to reevaluate what I was doing, what am I thinking or feeling. Then I readjust and continue on.

♥   ♥   ♥

I am so grateful to have come across this way of life. Minimalism had taught me to see what is important in my life. It is not according to my friend’s life or anyone else’s advice. I had become more responsible for my own actions and cultivate empathy towards people and also our planet. A concept that is so simple yet so insightful. There is so much more to learn. And I am just at the beginning. After three years.


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