6 Things you can do to be healthier this year!

Happy New Year!!!

We have arrived in 2019! One of the many resolutions we made is to be healthier. It is so vital but sometimes it tough. Well, anything worthy is always not easy. So, make this year your best year yet with this 6 things you can do – tested and work for me!


1) Drink more water with a water reminder.

If you are like me, finding it hard to be disciplined enough to hydrate yourself throughout the day, use a reminder. And I found that using an app, whether on your phone or your smartwatch is the best way! If you need a recommendation, try this app “My Water“, free download for iOS and Android!




2) Get a fitness tracker to make you move more.

Due to the nature of work for many of us, we often glued to our desk in front of the screen. Walking or simple exercise can reduce such a sedentary lifestyle. Even better if you have someone to remind you to do that! Get a fitness tracker that reminds you to stand and move throughout the day:)




3) Get a fitness buddy.

Now talking about having something to remind you in the points above, there’s no better reminder than an actual human being! Especially if you need to do something that requires discipline, determination and perseverance – like going to the gym. Sometimes, we got lazy, sometimes we fell out from our initial motivation. We need someone there to remind us why we do it in the first place and help us to push through and go beyond. Cheers to our buddies!



4) Exercise (more) by scheduling it.

There’s a saying by Robin Sharma “The things that get scheduled are the things that get done.” So set aside three times per week – write it on your planner, set a reminder on your phone and get ready your exercise gear the night before – all you can do to make sure you have no excuses! Get it? 😛




5) Don’t shop junk food.

The simple mantra here is – no buy, no eat. If we want to reduce the amount of unhealthy food in our diet, simply don’t buy any of it. But….we must always replace that so-called “void” in our diet or habit. Replace it with healthier alternatives, such as nuts and fruits. And…yay for more money in ma pocket!




6) Be more mindful.

Of course, don’t forget our mental health. Take a few moments of mindfulness every day. Set apart a time – whether it’s in the morning before work, in the middle of the day, or in your evening routine – get some time to be present. Besides using a meditation app to help me relax and be present at the moment, I also read and meditate on the Bible, pray and journalling (to count my blessings and trace my thoughts). Healthier mind leads to a healthier body, spirit and can bring tremendous change to your life. Do it!



♥   ♥   ♥

These are 6 things I did last year that works for me. I hope my sharing here will help to motivate you that it is possible to be healthier! Little by little, step by step, we can be a better version of ourselves! Good luck!




2 thoughts on “6 Things you can do to be healthier this year!

    1. Hello Giovanni, thank you for reading and commenting:) You have a great blog! I can’t read Italian but thank God for auto Google Translate hahaha. By the way, I love the movie “Into the wild” too! And hooray to travels! 🙂

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