Past becomes strength

“So today, please understand that everything you’ve experienced in the past was necessary for you to become the person you are today”. (Robin Sharma, 2016)


For the past few days, I’ve been struggling to forget my past. And when people say they want to forget their past, it 100% about hurtful past, and the haunting ones. Some wise words said we could choose to let go of our past and only bring along the good ones for memories. I told myself, “I can do this”, and so I did. But things that you hated, memories that you wish to forget, would not just disappear. You actually just put it at the back of your mind, ignore it because you are focusing on something else in life. Time heals they say. If you are unlucky, like myself, something in life will trigger those bad memories and pop! you have to face it again.


The thing is this, as long as you categorize that particular incident in your life as a regret, defeat, worst-mistake-you-ever-made, hurtful, and so on, it will always haunt you back because it is always there, unless you have amnesia. This is how powerful our mind is. What I am trying to point out here is that one sentence written by Robin Sharma has opened up a new perspective in me regarding our hurtful past. You can look at it differently. The truth is everything that happened in the past actually brought us to where we are today. I no longer want to look at that incident about being underappreciated as a reason to feel unworthy, waste of my time and life. I look at it as a precious lesson that I could never learn if I did not experience it personally. From that particular ‘hurtful’ past, I’ve learned that people need security, people need love and appreciation, and how I can make a difference to the world I’m living is to be one that loves and appreciates. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, the Golden Rule. Then I realized this past did not make me feel I am unworthy, people hate me and that’s why they betrayed me. No. It became my ‘new’ strength. Now I know how to deal with it and I know how to treat others better.


The bible says God will not test you beyond what you can bear and when it happens, He will also provide a way out so you can endure it. Test and challenges, awful past, we all shared that. But how you respond to it is an individual decision. So today, instead of looking at my past and feel regret and sad about it, I choose to look at it as a path I must make to be where I am today – stronger, wiser, and better. My depressed past has become my strength. Life is a great teacher.



Stronger physically and mentally



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