Friends matter


I had the most wonderful time this Chinese New Year. But I never thought I would have one when I came back to my hometown on Day1. Because I was so excited to be back to attend gatherings with friends; that I finally have time now as I wasn’t so busy at work anymore, but there’s no news.


There’s no invitation or initiation. Nothing from a friend. I began to feel lonely and sad. The voice that says “I’m no longer important to my friends” start creeping up my mind.


Somehow I want to thank God for the training I have here, which trained me not to dwell on sadness but focuses on the beauty of life. So I decided to be the ‘first’ to initiate gatherings, invite people, follow up and plan for it. I just want to say I did not regret and freaking love how it turns out! I’m really grateful that I did not follow my emotions at that time, but I went to do what is right. I ended up having joyful and meaningful meetings with my girlfriends.


Other than updating what is going on with our lives, we got to comfort and encourage one another to better our lives and ourselves. Tell me what’s more meaningful than this! So what did I learn from this holiday? It doesn’t matter what’s in the past, and it certainly doesn’t matter how you feel that time. Because if I want something to be better and no one is doing it, let’s do it! Hahaha…because at the end, all that’s matter is my friends and the relationship we had:)


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