Thankful is the Key to Happiness

  T h a n k f u l . . . Something so simple yet powerful. It took years for me to learn how to be thankful, even after I came to know God. Especially during those difficult time, we just don’t feel like giving thanks. That’s why it is a command from God. It is […]


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Zero Waste: 2018 Resolution

I’ve been learning about zero-waste since last year. When I knew about the contribution and impact it may bring to our world, I was inspired to go into that lifestyle. But I didn’t. I hesitated. Not because I thought it is futile, but because I thought I was not capable to commit to this kind of […]

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Creating a Tropical Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word and it generally means coziness, stress-free, calming, happy, pleasures in simple things in life. It has been a trendy lifestyle a few years back but the core meaning is still relevant and important as today. Well, most of the time hygge means getting all warm and fuzzy during a cold […]

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Keeping minimalism on track

Minimalism or the idea of living intentionally has changed my life since about a year ago. This journey has been enlightening, freeing and fulfilling, Most of the time, the biggest change happened at the beginning of the journey, when I stop purchasing things I don’t need, decluttering my space, finding more time for myself and […]

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