Speak Life Project (2019)

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You are amazing. You’re going to accomplish many amazing things this year🏆

I am on a personal project I named #speaklifeproject this year because I believe that death and life are in the power of the tongue (Pr18:21). It’s not only healthy but vital to speak LIFE into your life and others around you. Throw guilt, complaint, hatred, unforgiveness and discontentment away and proclaim love, joy, health and triumphs into your life and your community.
If you would like to join me as well in this project, just speak one encouraging or life-giving words to yourself and to one more person, every day. I believe in lifting others up, spreading positivity and love to make this world a better place❤️ If you do post anything related to this on Instagram, please hashtag #speaklifeproject2019 so that I can see your amazing posts and feel encouraged too!💌


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