Trends that I Couldn’t Urgh!

The moment when I thought nothing can be worse than fast fashion, I’ve discovered many wasteful trends online. Especially in the era of social influencers, we kind of pick up trends and recommendations promoted online. I hope more people are aware or realised that some of these trends are unnecessary. Here are a few that I wish it will stop or at least cease, please.


1) Clothing Haul


I’ve observed that this trend becomes huge when the traditional shopaholic turned to online shopping. Due to the convenience and time-saving lifestyle, people are ordering a large amount of clothing with just one click, literally!

I totally understand some influencers or Youtubers are trying on clothes to provide reviews so that we people can make a wiser purchase. But I feel that the reviews have also brought a disastrous effect where people think it’s okay to buy so many clothes and just give them away to charity when it does not fit or used anymore. I used to think that. I was a shopaholic. Now, I’m more conscious of the clothes I bring into my life and also out. (Read here why)

*donate your pre-loved clothes to charity is a whole topic on its own, we’ll talk about that later:)



2) Make-up Products


Similarly to clothing haul, social influencers are making make-up hauls and the cosmetic companies are producing tonnes of make-up products so quickly that I couldn’t keep up.

Honestly, I love make-up. I love it since my teen days and I still do. But I seriously could not believe the rapid speed that these products are introduced to the masses these days. If you are a 80’s or 90’s kids, you know that make-ups are not like this in the past. People are so spoilt with choices and before you can finish using a product, you feel like you need to get another new, trendy one. I appreciate the variety of make-up products, but YOU (cosmetics companies) need to slow down.

*I’d blogged about my minimalist makeup collection – read about it here. And items updated this year – part 1 & part 2.



3) Ready Home-cook Meals

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.43.44 PM.png
Homecook meal from fresh ingredients

I did not know there is such thing as ready-pack ingredients send to your home so that you don’t have to go to the physical grocery store. Ready-to-eat meals are so common and have been here for so long but ready-to-cook? I saw this in the supermarket but it is worse if they even have online purchase and delivery. It is supposed to help people who have a busy schedule that they do not have time to go shop for ingredients. And it was supposed to help reduce food waste. But for the plastic packaging that comes with the delivery, you bring unnecessary plastic waste into your home. Let’s buy fresh ingredients and have healthy meals at home. You can do this. You can make time for important things in life.



4) Beauty or Jewellery Subscription Box


I was introduced to this beauty subscription box by Etsy. If you don’t know, this subscription box is something that the company sends to your doorstep usually every month. You have no idea what is in the box every month. Some people love the idea of getting unexpected stuff sent to your house every month, like it’s your birthday, but every month.

I think these “Surprise me!” boxes brings many unnecessary, not-needed, not-favourite stuff into your life. It is promoted as money-saving because usually it is cheaper if you subscribe compared to buying individual items on its own. But this is just an unintentional way of making purchases. Don’t be fooled. Don’t waste your money on things that you might not like.



5) K-Cup or Capsule Coffee Machine


Keurig coffee machine may have been a game-changer for many coffee lovers. It’s so convenient and fun having nice, curated coffee made right from your kitchen. But I think it is a bad trend due to the single-use coffee capsules or cups. I used to admire a friend of mine for having a Nescafe Dolce Gusta machine at home because it’s just so cool. But I did not get it because it is expensive! Now, I’m glad I did not purchase that machine or the cups because it’s just a very wasteful way of drinking coffee, from home.


♥   ♥   ♥

The same goes for gadgets. Smartphones companies need to release better gadgets faster to win more sales. It’s so competitive, it’s insane. Nevertheless, it comes down to demand. If there’s demand, there’s supply. We need to stop this crazy demand. Now, you know the power is in the hand of the customer. #wegotthepower

So far I could think of these five trends that I wish people are aware and choose not to follow. If you know any more unnecessary trend that people are going cray cray about these days, do let me know at the comments! I would like to know which trend that I’m still not aware of and good for me to know and act upon it. I appreciate all your comment, idea and suggestion! Have a blessed, intentional, and meaningful day y’all!


2 thoughts on “Trends that I Couldn’t Urgh!

  1. I have not changed my phone in 4 years and I don’t want to change it for another 4 years. The post was very informative. Thank you for the good read

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