Surprisingly Easy (& Free!) Way to Be Happier – A Minimalist Life

I’ve done it. You’ve heard it. “All we need is the retail therapy.” I used to do that alot! Or eat lots of good food. But, you need no stuff to be happier. Besides the good ol’ exercise and take-a-nap trick, here are my top 5 things I do to de-stress and feel better again.


#5  Discover a new place in town

Many times we overlooked some cute, interesting spots in town. Take a day off to wander around the town you lived in and discover shops, cafes and even a park you’ve never been to. Research has found that our brain releases dopamine when we see something that we never seen before. Let’s go for a little adventure!




#4  Do a random act of kindness

It can be cooking for a loved one or hold the door for a stranger. Nothing feels good than spreading kindness and love around you. I did this several times when I was moody and having my own struggles. To be honest, this is real tough because you will feel so down that you don’t feel motivated to do any of it. But I can assure you, you will definitely feel better. It never fail me.

A study revealed that the more kind acts you performed, the more likely you want to do it again! So, instead of letting the sad-vibe continues, let’s stop it by surrounding youself with good-vibes.



#3  Try something new with a friend

Try to make a new dish always makes me happier. Not only for the sense of accomplishment, but also it feels so good to be sharing the moment with someone. It’s like catching up with a old friend but with more fun. It can be trying out a new origami or learning a dance move from your friend. I’m sure you’ll have many funny (maybe awkward) moments to laugh at and keep as memory.




#2 Play with your pet

Thank God for pets! They make this world a better one. I bet by now you’d already know that pet makes us healthier, more active, and brightens our mood:) If you didn’t have a pet of your own, perhaps observing them on the streets and interacts with them (if you can) will give you a boost of joy.




# 1 Spend a day in nature

This is by far my favourite thing to do when I need to heal and readjust my life. Going out to the nature is like going back to your core, the basic. Numerous studies has show the amazing effect of spending time in nature. There is just something beautiful and calming in the woods or looking at the stream and lake.

The last trip I had was to a waterfall. The moment I hike up and I breathe in the cool fresh air, my tension headache, gone. When I was approaching the waterfall, I laugh out loud, literally! Every bad feelings disappeared and I felt so amazing after that.

IMG_2346.JPG IMG_2347.JPG


♥   ♥   ♥

How about you? What do you do to feel better and happier? Let me know at the comment section below!


8 thoughts on “Surprisingly Easy (& Free!) Way to Be Happier – A Minimalist Life

  1. I agree with all your ideas and have found them all helpful. Most of my friends are not available to just come do something unplanned except to send a quick text and say a quick prayer. So when I need encouragement right NOW, I either go to a quiet place with my Bible, go for a walk and talk to God about how I’m feeling, or text a friend to let them know I’m thinking of her.

  2. What a great list! I will have to try them. Sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped in everydays “to-do” list. 🙂

  3. All of these are great suggestions and something I like to do to feel happier. Also reading a book is on my list, as it can often transform me into another world, and just try to notice the little moments in life that make it worthwhile!

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