Which minimalist are you?

Hey, I’m curious which minimalist are you?


We know that there is no ONE type of minimalist because though each aimed to live with less stuff, we all have different motivations that bring us through this extraordinary journey. Here are some of the amazing types of minimalist that I’ve come across:


1) Sustainable or Eco Minimalist.

I share this category. What drives me to embrace a minimal lifestyle is I wish I can reduce my carbon footprint on this earth. I used to love collecting stuff (check out my post on why). It’s not necessarily bad useless stuff but it’s just more than enough for a person to use. And in my opinion, that’s not a very sustainable way to live. If I only own stuff that really matters to me, most joyous to own, and useful in many ways, then, I am a very lucky girl!





2) Aesthetic or Mindful Minimalist.

This minimalist emphasizes clarity and uncluttered living environment. Everything they own is pleasing to their eyes and mind and soul. Each item in their home serves a purpose because extra stuff is an obstruction to the peace in mind. I love minimalist’s home. Simple yet beautiful. Just like their soul:)



3) Practical or Essential Minimalist.

Why own two when you only need one? Essentialist is so practical and sensible that they know exactly what they want in life. To own one good coffee machine is way better than buying a mediocre one and go through the fuss in replacing it often. This type of minimalist saves their effort and mind to do more productive things in life!



4) Experiential Minimalist.

Instead of accumulating stuff, experiential minimalist spent their money and time on accumulating experiences and memories. This minimalist knows that even when stuff can buy you happiness sometimes, it will only be temporary. But memories made will last forever. The new places you go; and the irreplaceable moment you had with your loved ones over a coffee or at the beach. Some things you just can’t buy with money:)


Me at Mount Kinabalu, third highest mountain in South East Asia.


♥   ♥   ♥

I would like to know which minimalist are you or which one inspires you the most? Let me know at the comment section below!

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