Accept Your Fear

It’s okay to feel fear.


There’s no way around that, it’s inevitable as a human being because it’s embedded inside us to keep us alive. Fear of height keeps us away from dangerous cliff and fear keep us from getting too close to a tiger. But today we face too many self-made fear that could cripple us and stop us from getting what we really wanted in life. Especially God’s wonderful plan for your life.


Most of the time we feel fear when we are trying something new. It means coming out from your comfort zone. It’s making you sick, uncomfortable, and you feel like running away from it. But deep inside you know you want to do it. One of my new year resolutions is to try something new at church. I knew if I want to grow I need to do it. But…gosh that moment when the opportunity comes, I feel like running away and think in my head “Why do I agree to do this in the first place? Look what I’ve brought myself into!”. That’s fear talking.

I used to feel incompetent and beat myself up because I keep having this fear. I wonder why am I being this weak pathetic person while others can just speak naturally on stage.

But…everyone feels fear. What defines great people from everyone else is that great people feel fear but do it anyway. Because beyond that fear is what you truly wanted, beyond that fear is growth, beyond that fear is victory. It’s where the magic is!

Beyond your fear is where the magic happens! (photo taken at Penang Avatar Secret Garden)



So, don’t feel fear as something that “shouldn’t” happen, but feel it, acknowledge it, accept it and then from there you decide you are going to do it anyway. Let that fear be a signal that you are going to challenge yourself something new, something that you’ll be proud of yourself for doing it.

Towards the unknown, uncharted territories, to discover how far you can go!

*I’ve link one of my favourite song from Moana here. Hope you will be inspired as much as I do.

*(Source: Youtube)*

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