Keeping minimalism on track

Minimalism or the idea of living intentionally has changed my life since about a year ago. This journey has been enlightening, freeing and fulfilling, Most of the time, the biggest change happened at the beginning of the journey, when I stop purchasing things I don’t need, decluttering my space, finding more time for myself and finding the peace that I have live more sustainably and saving lots of money. However, somewhere in between the beginning and now, TBH, I did fail to resist the temptations. So I realised that the effort should not only at the beginning, then occasionally, but keeping minimalism habit in check regularly can have a more lasting impact.



Keep it simple.




Thus here are some of the routines that I have set for myself, in order to keep myself on track:


1) Pick one space to declutter every month.

In this way, I can keep in view each category of my possession (one at a time) so that I am aware if there is anything that I had unintentionally (or intentionally. Ops!) brought into my life. Then I can reassess the condition and take any necessary action towards preventing it.


2) View budget at the beginning of each month.

Besides helping me trace my spending habit, budgeting can reduce the possibility to make impulse purchases as I have already allocated a certain amount of money to spend that month.


3) Declutter my bag end of each day.

It is so much easier to make small actions like this.


4) Media decluttering once a month.

Media is something that is so involved in my daily lives yet receive so little attention. Do it once a month when this task is still bearable.


♥   ♥   ♥

Please do share your thoughts and some of your strategies on how to be on track in living intentionally, sustainably and minimally.


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