New Year Resolution: My Tropical Wardrobe Essential

Happy New Year!!! Have you set your new year 2018 resolution?

For me, 2017 has been a year of beautiful insights, awesome experiences, and great breakthroughs. One of it would be my hope to live a more minimal and sustainable life. Ever since I embraced minimalism one year ago, my greatest breakthrough was refusing what I don’t really need in my life, thus reducing what I’ve owned. So here I would like to invite you to simplify your life because the best things in life are not stuff. If you would like to join me, maybe you can start off by having a more minimal wardrobe!

I’ve put together some clothing items which I think is essential to make your wardrobe works stylishly without owning too many clothes. Mine is a tropical version as I am living in tropical Malaysia. But some of these items and certain styling ideas that I’ll be sharing later can also work in other contexts.

wardrobe essential.jpg

These are basics and I’ve also suggested a few alternatives (labeled as Alt:) to some of the items above.

For my future posts, I’ll be sharing my idea on how to style and maximise these few items to achieve an effortless stylish look. I am no fashion guru. This is just my humble experience and I hope it inspires you in any way.

My intention to make a minimal wardrobe comes from a realization I had a year ago when I stumbled upon a talk about fast fashion and how it is not sustainable. You can read my story here: Why I decided to become a minimalist.

Wishing you a great 2018 and see you soon in my next post! God bless!!!


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