5 Reasons Why owning a 16GB phone changed my life

Lil Bro: Can I check out your phone?

Me: Ya, sure.

Lil Bro: Why your phone has no games?

Me: Coz’ I don’t play games on my hp.

Lil Bro: Let me download this game and play.

Me: What! No


Okay, delete it when you’re done playing with it. Coz’ it’s only a 16GB iPhone.


1. No unnecessary app.

A clutter-free phone is pleasing to my eyes and soul.

2. No game.

Means no distraction from doing something more worthwhile. I used to play this game on my phone first thing every time I reached home, I should have use that time to catch up with someone or out for a run.

3. No long hours on social media.

As I have to be selective in installing apps into my phone, I gave up some social apps like FB. Means I can’t keep scrolling down the feed like a zombie.

4. No duplicate photograph, or files.

Simplify my life.

5. No excuse to not declutter things on my phone every once in a while.

Delete things that are no longer useful. I was “forced” to declutter, or else I can’t take more special moments with my camera.


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