Why are we so attached to our things?

Why are we so attached to our things? Thank God now there’s an explanation to it!

A TED-Ed video by Christian Jarrett revealed that we exhibit such tendency since young. This was caused by a psychological phenomenon called “the endowment effect”. Basically, we will value things that we own. Yes, this explanation seems to be like “duh…so obvious!” But this makes me think about why is it so difficult for us to let go of stuff in our home though it was not useful anymore. Simply because it was “mine”.

This teabag have my Chinese name on it! Talk ’bout instant connection huh

The video further explains why people are willing to pay for items previously used/owned by celebrities. This was as if when we obtain that thing, we obtain certain quality/qualities of the previous owner. The same goes with keeping things from our loved ones who already pass on. We somehow gave ‘value’ to non-life stuff once we own them and continues to build connections with them, fast.

So, now it’s okay to feel bad or hesitant when we declutter or giving our stuff away, we are just being human. That it slowly and steady. This also brings me to another lesson, which is not to own too many things, at the first place, would help me not to be attached to things that don’t bring me happiness or beneficial to my environment (my life & Mother Earth). At the end of our lives, we can’t bring those stuff with us. We shall bring good memories and love.

Enjoy the video!


3 thoughts on “Why are we so attached to our things?

  1. i used to have a lot of packages, beautiful packages. they made me feel good in many ways: 1) they were beautiful, duh! 😉 2) they were a memory of what came inside 3) they reminded me the person who gave it to me 4) it was a way to honor the gift and the person who gave it to me, even after it was gone.

    now, i take a picture {it still is not ideal} and get rid of it. i also prefer to people to ask me before giving me anything, or to stay away from physical gifts. hugs are much better. 😀

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