Cull Session 3: The Artsy Part of Me

I love doing arts and crafts and I kept a lot of papers and art materials so that I have them right away when I need it. It will be a total waste of money to throw and only buy when you need it (so I thought). When I was young, my sister told me that we can be creative in making art, use anything you have, you don’t have to buy new materials. So it has been a habit for me to keep even small pieces of nice papers so that I can use it “creatively” when I’m making arts. But I kept too many stuff! So I threw away those I don’t think I need it anymore (keeping it just for the sake of keeping!) And another good tip is to decide what kinda art or craft you will wanna do more or invest in developing the skill. Keep the materials or art appliances needed for that and recycle (or throw away) the rest!

I love making cards (birthday, farewell, etc.) for friends but come to think of it, that’s such waste of paper and how many cards do we wanna keep??? Ok, I’m done! I’m not keeping it anymore. Now, I just wanna paint for leisure and as a creative outlet. So I only retain my sketchbook, brushes, and paints. I may one day decided to make a special card but well, that’s for the future.

My painting about architect Luis Barragan, titled “Solitude”

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