Why I’ve decided to become a minimalist


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So, today I’ve watched a YouTube video on how the fashion industry is polluting the Earth, and it makes me think about my obsession with clothes. It’s a TedTalk (TEDxHKBU) by Christina Dean, titled “You are what you wear”. I’ll link the video below.

I’ve realized I was part of the problem, filling up the landfills with clothes I threw away. Not only clothes but other things in life. I bought it because it was cute, not because I need it. How could I be so irresponsible? This is because I did not live a conscious life.

Then I went watching tons of other videos and stumbled upon this ‘movement’ (that I was fully aware but did not try to understand) on how to be minimalist. I didn’t know such simple yet misunderstood philosophy of minimalism was the answer. So here I decided to do my part in Earth sustainability.

The first thing you should do is STOP buying. Then only we move on to decluttering – throwing or giving out things you don’t really need in life. I know Minimalism is not an overnight thing, so take baby steps, one at a time, enjoy the journey.

We have to change our mindset. Life is not about accumulation of things, materialism is what influencing the world right now. We thought owning more things means you are doing alright, doing right, being successful, being normal as a grown-up!

Here’s my journey in becoming a minimalist. See how it goes! Wish me luck!

p/s: There’s a documentary on the ugly truth of fashion industry, impacting the environment and human rights – “The True Cost”. I highly recommend you to watch it. It changed me, I hope it does the same to you. I’ll link the trailer below.


12 thoughts on “Why I’ve decided to become a minimalist

  1. Each line resonated with me! Each line is so true to the core concept of minimalism! Very well written and i feel exactly the same and agree with each line. Indeed consumerism is ruining the earth…we dont need still we buy Instead of sticking to only what is needed actually. These were the thoughts which had triggered minimalism in me couple of years ago and now i feel so relaxed! As you rightly said it’s not an overnight thing! But brings inner peace over time. Hope you get the same. Glad to meet a fellow minimalist!! 😊😊 Following you now (hope you wont mind!)

  2. Good luck on your journey to minimalism. I never had a lot of things but I had more than I needed. I did a huge purge almost nine years ago thinking it would reduce the amount of cleaning I had to do in the house. What I didn’t realize was that it would open up so many more things in life for me to experience. I’d never go back to living any other way.

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